Team meetings and notes#

The JupyterHub community meets periodically to discuss important issues, make decisions, share ideas, and enjoy one another’s company. These meetings are open to anyone, particularly those who are interested in joining the community!

Meeting calendars#

There are two meeting calendars worth following:

The JupyterHub meeting calendar is embedded below for quick reference:

Notes for monthly team meetings#

The JupyterHub team has a project-wide video meeting each month (see Meeting calendars). We use this HackMD for notes and agenda-setting.

We rotate time zones for each meeting to ensure that there is a timezone-friendly meeting for anyboyd in the world at least once every two months.

Notes for HPC working group#

There is a working group that meets monthly (see calendar) to discuss JupyterHub deployment on HPC systems and the various software projects supporting those efforts. Everyone interested in those topics are welcome to attend!

Archive of past meeting types#

The JupyterHub team used to keep weekly reports for what they had been up to. We recently switched to Monthly sync-ups instead of weekly reports, but below is a list of the weekly reports that we have put together.