Milestones and roadmaps#

A subset of JupyterHub projects organizes its releases and the items associated with the release using GitHub Issues, Milestones, and in some cases, roadmaps. These span from specific, actionable items, to more high-level goals of the project that still require discussion.

In general, Milestones contain items that could use immediate help in implementation and design, and we’d love community members to take a shot at addressing them. Roadmaps tend to signal more abstract ideas, and often require discussion before distilling them down into specific issues.

:::{note} The JupyterHub roadmaps are run in a “yes, and” fashion. They are ideas the community is excited about and would like to pursue or discuss further. They are not meant to exclude other ideas or development (unless we explicitly make a decision not to do something).

If you have an idea you’d like to propose, please open an issue or a pull request to begin discussion. Over time, the roadmap should be updated as the community interests and needs evolve. :::

Below are links for the upcoming milestones and roadmaps in several repositories.



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