JupyterHub HPC Meeting - July 2021#

Welcome to the Meeting#

Hello! If you are joining the team video meeting, sign in below so we know who was here. Roll call:

  • name / institution / GitHub handle

  • Rollin / NERSC / @rcthomas

  • Michael M / MSI @ UMN / @mbmilligan

  • Zach Price / ORNL /

  • Aric Werner / NCAR / @aawerner

Quick updates#

60 second updates on things you have been up to, questions you have, or developments you think people should know about. This is also a chance to suggest a future presentation if you’ve got work currently in progress you might want to share. Please add yourself, and if you do not have an update to share, you can pass.

  • Rollin: Security workshop planning is going forward

Reports and celebrations#

This is a place to make announcements (without a need for discussion). This is also a great place to give shout-outs to contributors! We’ll read through these at the beginning of the meeting.

Agenda items#

Let’s collect all potential agenda items here before the start of the meeting. We will then attempt to create a coherent agenda that fits in the 60m meeting slot. If there are similar items try and group them together.

  • Standing Items:

    • Batchspawner check-in: Issues and PRs

    • Wrapspawner check-in: Issues and PRs

      • Calculation of common_traits w/traitlets>=5:

      • Testing needed:

        • Frameworks for testing?

          • Most useful part of batchspawner testing has been integration testing

          • Catches changes in jupyterhub that need to be addressed in batchspawner (e.g. changes to the ORM)

          • Interfaces are pretty stable but not fixed

          • WrapSpawner’s use of interfaces from jupyterhub are kind of less documented so it may uncover more useful problems to solve

          • Unit tests would be ok but you need to focus on those special parts of the Hub interface

          • => Make an issue on wrapspawner about testing, using the batchspawner testing as a starting point, setting up wrapspawner to wrap a LocalProcessSpawner and hit it with tests that way

        • Pull requests welcomed!

        • Open an issue with a help-wanted tag, ask folks to contribute to that

  • Mike: Can Rollin make the customizations done for the console page UI be published?

    • Yes, Rollin will put together a demo and blog-type post and be available to talk about it.

  • Short meeting!

  • name: topic