JupyterHub HPC Meeting - August 2021#

Welcome to the Meeting#

Hello! If you are joining the team video meeting, sign in below so we know who was here. Roll call:

  • name / institution / GitHub handle

  • Rollin / NERSC / @rcthomas

  • Kevin / NCAR / @kmpaul

  • Rick / UCSD / @rpwagner

  • Josh / NERSC / @Josh0823

  • Zach Price / ORNL

  • Michael Milligan / U of MN / @mbmilligan

  • Shreyas Cholia / NERSC - LBL / @shredddd

Quick updates#

60 second updates on things you have been up to, questions you have, or developments you think people should know about. This is also a chance to suggest a future presentation if you’ve got work currently in progress you might want to share. Please add yourself, and if you do not have an update to share, you can pass.

  • Name: Your update

  • Rollin: Promised to write up UI work somewhere

  • Rollin/Rick: Security team developments

  • Mike: Jupyter community call, announced Batchspawner and Wrapspawner releases

  • Shreyas: Should people from this call be on other calls?

    • Rollin will add link to calendar

    • Should this meeting be more advertised?

Reports and celebrations#

This is a place to make announcements (without a need for discussion). This is also a great place to give shout-outs to contributors! We’ll read through these at the beginning of the meeting.

  • Name: Your report or celebration

Agenda items#

Let’s collect all potential agenda items here before the start of the meeting. We will then attempt to create a coherent agenda that fits in the 60m meeting slot. If there are similar items try and group them together.

  • Name: Your agenda item

  • Rollin/Shreyas/Josh: Entrypoint service prototype demo

    • Josh is an intern working at NERSC, projects:

      • jupyterlab announcemenet extension (shows announcements from the announcement hub service)

      • jupyterlab extension to let admins customize the help menu

      • jupyterlab slurm

      • JupyterHub entrypoint service

        • Enable users to pick where JupyterLab comes from (environments, container)

        • Spawner picks up metadata from service needed to update .cmd

        • Currently refactoring in prep for deployment/release, maybe September

  • Kevin/Shreyas: NBViewer/clonenotebooks discussion

    • We can discuss this offline, too. I haven’t heard of progress on this at NCAR, yet, so it’s not critical.

    • Next steps

      • go through current codebase and identify issues and fixes needed to clean up (Shreyas + NCAR)

      • Shreyas will dig up docker-compose setup for local development

  • Rollin/Rick: Security:

    • Rollin attended Governance meeting last week, asked how to integrate security workshop work w/Project

    • The new governance model included a slot for a security subproject. Result:

      • Creation of jupyter/security

      • Creation of Github team for Jupyter security

      • Discourse post from governance level announcing the subprojects

      • Expectations from the Project:

        • Adopting the above as scaffolding for organization

        • A page jupyter.org/security shall be created

        • Regular meetings will be scheduled (meeting project expectations/requirements)

      • How we are integrating our activities:

        • Make workshop-associated milestones/deliverables be part of this project

        • CII badge

        • Workshop itself and outcomes

        • Best practices guide

        • Trusted CI engagement

        • Gathering deployment experiences/interviews

  • All: Standing project items:

    • Batchspawner check-in: Issues and PRs

    • Wrapspawner check-in: Issues and PRs

      • 45 addressed the issue 41 which is still open

      • Maybe check in on that issue and see if people are using the release or head

      • See also #44 — reading server is needed to make it exists, may resolve several other issues