JupyterHub and BinderHub Team Meeting - February#

Date: 21 February 2019 at 6pm Zurich time (9am PST)

Videoconference link: https://calpoly.zoom.us/my/jupyter

Link to prior meeting’s virtual meeting report

Welcome to the Team Meeting#


If you are joining the team video meeting, sign in below so we know who was here. Roll call:

  • name / institution / GitHub handle

  • Tim / Project Binder / @betatim

  • Kenan / GESIS / @bitnik

  • Arnim / GESIS / @arnim

  • Carol / Project Jupyter / @willingc

  • Erik / Sandvik CODE / @consideRatio

  • Min / Simula / @minrk

  • Zach / Cal Poly / @Zsailer

  • Kirstie / Alan Turing Institute / @KirstieJane

  • Patricia / University of Birmingham / @pherterich

  • Yuvi Panda / Project Jupyter / @yuvipanda

  • Martin O’Reilly / Alan Turing Institute / @martintoreilly

  • Lindsey Heagy / UC Berkeley / @lheagy

  • Sarah Gibson / The Alan Turing Institute / @sgibson91

  • Joe Hamman / NCAR / @jhamman

  • Chris Holdgraf / UC Berkeley / @choldgraf

Reports and celebrations#

Things people should know about:

Agenda items#

  • Update on Agenda Planning for March Meeting in Washington DC

    • context jupyterhub/team-compass#110

    • Tim’s proposal: we schedule something for half a day per day, the other half day is for people to do other things

      • if we don’t schedule anything I worry that most of the time most of the people are doing something else in which case it is a waste of time. The fact that the rest of the meeting is “unscheduled” makes me think we should propose and publicise when the Binder team is doing things and that those who don’t want to schedule their discussions should fit around that.

      • propose to use the morning slot on all days except Monday to allow remote participation from Europe +1

    • What method/procedure should we use to pick things to tackle?

    • Let’s have the March team call during the in person meeting

    • Decision: Let’s use Monday morning to distill a lightweight agenda for the week. Zach is bringing a big postersized calendar.

  • Outreachy internships

    • who has the capacity to organise and mentor interns for the 2019 round?

      • Yuvi can co-mentor, but needs another co-mentor + organizer

    • we need about $6000 per intern in funding

    • What it entails:

      • finding a person to mentor

      • organizing project for intern and mentoring them through project.

      • handling paperwork to make it happen

    • Discourse post about reapplying: https://discourse.jupyter.org/t/thinking-about-reapplying-to-outreachy-in-may-2019/404

    • If you are on the fence you should make up your mind by the end of 5th March 2019. After that it is too late.

  • Make an explicit effort to improve shout outs and highlighting of contributions to each repository

    • see jupyterhub/team-compass#119 for some context on this item

    • Proposal: we try and have one team member per repository who feels responsible for knowing the social dynamics and going ons in that repository. Part of that job is to highlight contributors and activities to the rest of the world.

      • they would also be a good person for people who are thinking of contributing to a repository or levelling up their contributions to talk to -> we should list them in the README/CONTRIBUTING.md as a person to talk to.

    • Decision: yes / no / needs more information for decision

    • suggestion from Kirstie: Make a template for a twitter thread:

      • this is person X - they contributed!

      • this is what they did

      • this is why binder is meaningful to them

      • this is how you can talk to them

    • Kirstie: One thing to discuss is how you humanise the message - there’s something really on brand about tweeting from the binder twitter handle, but I think having a specific person on the team nominate someone is really personal and feels much more special.

      • You can imagine a case where the individual contributor knows that they’ve been personally selected but that isn’t super clear to twitter followers etc?

      • I’m thinking maybe the second tweet says “Tim nominated Ellie (made up name!) because she really helped him with XYZ”

    • badges from the team to contributors to highlight particular kinds of contributions

  • Binder explainer comics/binder-compatible-repo creators interviews [Tim]

    • Some context on who Bianca/Jo’s Buero is

      • Graphic arts company

      • Requires us to have witty ideas. ;)

    • PDF link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l9IpFedqMKcvAcCt4RCJVaFVfMBCQoHG

    • Goal is to reach people who aren’t using mybinder.org yet (don’t know of it, think it isn’t relevant or too complicated)

    • Two ideas for producing content to explain Binder to people or spread the word

    • Idea A: small cartoons or caricatures

      • “did you know?” style

      • each cartoon makes you smile

      • each cartoon teaches you something new

      • more timeless maybe

      • follow up comic on step 4 of the original comic from OpenDreamKit

    • Idea B: interview creators of repositories that run on mybinder.org

      • interview people

      • produce a blog post style page

      • highlight different users of mybinder.org

      • could be a negative experience if you don’t get picked.

    • Tim starts a discourse thread to brainstorm ideas.

  • Binder governance!

    • We have a form of governance!

    • https://jupyterhub-team-compass.readthedocs.io/en/latest/binder_governance.html

    • How do I become a team member?

      • existing members can nominate new members

      • Tim’s personal process: If you consistently help others use and/or contribute to Binder I will nominate you. If you’d like to talk to me about this @betatim on twitter, gitter or betatim@gmail.com

    • Can Binder help out people applying for funding by providing a letter that “looks official”?

    • In the past a lot of letters of support have come from individuals

    • On some occasions the Jupyter steering council has done this

    • Hold off on starting a public issue and report back after a discussion at the March in person meeting.

    • New members: how do we overcome the problem that no everyone is comfortable putting themselves out there

    • Run a workshop every 6months that is about adding new members, more inclusive than “contact Tim”.

(Note from Kirstie - thank you for doing all this work and having these conversations, it’s super exciting :sparkling_heart:)

  • mybinder.org backed by several deployments [Tim]

    • context/discussion: jupyterhub/mybinder.org-deploy#759

    • Important because it removes the single point of failure.

    • how to keep the deployments in sync?

    • expose these separate deployments to the user or hide it from them?

      • should a user arriving at mybinder.org see that their binder is being launched on somewhere.mybinder.org or should we hide it from users that there are several clusters backing mybinder.org?

  • Copy Rust community call for roadmapping [Tim]

    • let’s copy the idea from https://blog.rust-lang.org/2018/12/06/call-for-rust-2019-roadmap-blogposts.html for the Binder community

    • Things we need to do to make this happen:

      • define a hashtag, email address, discourse thread to report posts to so they can be considered

      • decide a date to launch this on: proposed 31 March 2019

      • write an annoucement blog post (copy&paste as much as possible from Rust one)

        • wrangler: XXX

      • write a few blog posts by team members so they are ready to go when the announcement happens

        • Tim will write one

    • Decision: yes / no / needs more information for decision

    • Maybe move this to later in the year when we have a better setup for adding contributors and answering questions about supporting funding applications, etc