JupyterHub and BinderHub Team Meeting#

Goal: Continuous improvement

Welcome to the Team Meeting#


If you are joining the team video meeting, sign in below so we know who was here. Roll call:

  • Min RK / Simula / @minrk

  • Tim Head / WTT / @betatim

  • Carol Willing / Cal Poly / @willingc

  • Gladys Nalvarte / Simula / @GladysNalvarte

  • Chris Holdgraf / UC Berkeley / @choldgraf

  • Jessica Forde / @jzf2101


  1. Help or discussion needed; Agenda Items for Monthly Meeting

  • 1.1 Open PRs

  • 1.2 Open issues

    • BinderHub v0.1 issues list

      • Maybe we need a special label for these kinds of issues - we can talk abou this also on a broader scale regarding bringing people on

    • repo2docker v0.6 issues list

    • JupyterHub release

      • about to happen

      • help out with testing things if you have time

      • roll out to mybinder.org maybe next week for testing

  1. Decisions needed

    • Rolling deployment strategy, for some context

      • discussion about rolling updates vs deploying at a fixed point in time (e.g. Monday afternoon)

      • currently we have the worst of both worlds infrequent, unscheduled deployments

      • hard to know what is currently live, what has been deployed but reverted, etc

      • revive the effort to automatically create PRs when there are changes to be merged in downstream repos

      • try two planned/schedule moment of deployment: Tuesday 7am Pacific time and Thursday 2pm Pacific time

    • Core track talk on JupyterHub at JupyterCon

      • The core track has talks from the JupyterTeam on core components of Jupyter

      • “The state of JupyterHub”

      • Use it to advertise other upcoming talks at JupyterCon

      • We say Yes! to the organisers

    • Talk at Force 18? (due by May 1): https://www.force11.org/meetings/force2018

      • conference October 11+12

      • Jessica would be interested in going

      • repo2docker+binder type of content

    • ICML workshop MLTrain in Stockholm due May 15: https://www.mltrain.cc

      • Jessica will work on this and share what she will submit

    • Upcoming presentations:

      • KubeCon panel

        • Carol All-The-Talks Willing

      • PyCon 2018

        • Carol All-The-Talks Willing

      • SciPy 2018 (1 hr talk + write a ~5 page paper)

        • mid July

        • Min, Chris?, Jessica? will be there

        • check up on who will give the talk

      • PEARC tutorial (6 hr tutorial)

        • week after SciPy

        • who is going: Yuvi? Aaron? JZF can go worst case scenario?

        • check up on who will give the talk

      • CERN (1 hr talk)

        • Jessica does Physics!

        • draft will be circulated around tomorrow or so 🎉

      • PyBay 2018

        • Carol All-The-Talks Willing

      • PyCon India 2018

        • Carol All-The-Talks Willing

      • PyCon Colombia 2019

        • Carol All-The-Talks Willing

    • Mozilla Global Sprint 10+11 May

      • use this as a reason to get our issues more organised for newcomers

      • probably not as no one has time.

  2. Next actions (team) 4.

News, Information, and Thanks#

  1. Team Metrics

  2. Team News and Informational items

  • 5.1 Organization highlights

    • Think about sustainability models and funding for Binder to help us have a good discussion on this topic at the in person team meeting in May/June.

      • estimated end of current grant somewhere around “October”

    • Chris chatted with Arfon Smith from LSST / JOSS / Zooniverse last month, they were interested in supporting JupyterHub

      • sounds like LSST has chosen JupyterHub

      • DevOps + k8s position might be available if you are looking for work

    • Folks from the GESIS project are interested in helping with some JupyterHub on k8s features as well (issue link)

      • contact them about including the JupyterHub and Binder license

      • TODO: create guidance around what to do licensing wise if you deploy your own BinderHub instance

    • Unversity in Chengdu (need to look up name) interested in data8 - JZF may be going to Chengdu? will followup in emails

  • 5.2 BinderHub projects

    • JZF will publish GH related data from binder

  • 5.3 JupyterHub projects

  • 5.4 Related projects (repo2docker, nbgrader, others)

  1. Thanks, Things to Celebrate, and anything else

  • A big thank you to @davidbath for helpful comments and troubleshooting assistance on the jupyterhub gitter channel.

  • mybinder.org is still up and running serving 50k people a week!