Monthly Meeting Notes for Binder and JupyterHub meetings#

Date: January 04, 2018

The detailed sections are for organization of team information, communication consistency, and are designed to motivate the team’s next actions.

Link to prior week’s virtual meeting report

I. Team Metrics#

Generated GitHub reports summary or link

Link to overview news

II. Team News and Informational items#

News items you want to share with others (partnerships, important conversations, design considerations, something fun, something that annoyed you). If you have it, please link to a GitHub issue)

Let’s keep items brief, preferably in bullet form (action verb, links, people). Example: Meet Tim’s long lost rich relative to fund Links (Tim, Aunt B, interested team members)

  • First video call for the team is scheduled. Details

  • Chatted with Sylvain + Loic in France, they’re interested in a JupyterHub for French unis.

    • French HPC/Loic have spent some effort in setting up something that looks very much like binder, interested in maybe using binder/jupyterhub

    • Hosting on OVH (something like google cloud/AWS but more Euro).

    • Some ‘JupyterHub federation’ similar to berkeley MOOC work

  • Prepared a draft blog post ( for the MyBinder browser extension.

    • try to avoid conflicts with other posts

    • to get a list of other posts ask steering council/mailing list to find out what other sub-projects are doing

    • raise as an issue on the weekly Jupyter meeting under communications (Carol)

Organization highlights#

Communications, Social Media, Conferences, Outreach

  • Reaching out to JOSS COMPLETED

    • Tim is reviewing a paper and will mention that it would have been nice to have a binder link

  • Ask eLife if they want to fund a project to integrate with binder for their “archive to GitHub” idea?

  • Jupyter Days event coming up in March in France.

    • Conversation with Sylvain and Loic

    • Date early March (5th??)

    • 300 to 500 attendees

    • Prepare a blog post annouce (ask Sylvain)

    • Chris might be in the area, Min will probably go, who else is interested?

  • JupyterCon CFP website online (restricted access) let’s not try to cram blog post too close to the CFP annouce.

  • Hackathon with Data Carpentry at BIDS next week (Jan 9th and 10th), Chris H will work on Binder teaching material.

BinderHub projects#

BinderHub, mybinder-deploy, helm charts, binder-examples

  • Security update for performed (Thanks Yuvi)

  • Prod cluster scaled down to 3 nodes and switched from n1-standard class nodes (equal CPU + memory ratio) to n1-highmem (more memory than CPU) based on our usage metrics (as part of fix)

  • npm refactor merged (yay @minrk! @rgbrk & other nteract folks)

  • now redirects to (yay cross-promotion) (this was down for Chris H today. Others? (is down for me too, should check with nteract folks)) I just checked again and it’s back up - CH

    • Works for Matthias, Tim, Chris. Is that exectuing on same machines as ? (nope it’s not)

  • Working on fixing binder badge being blocked by privacy badger (jupyterhub/binderhub#379)

    • our badge.svg is served from same host as some cookies we set which triggers a tracking warning

    • now served from but apparently still triggers warning

    • how to respect DNT headers?

    • fix that the GA cookies is set on * not just the top domain

  • Loading page PR is almost ready (jupyterhub/binderhub#384)

    • this is better than watching a washing machine

    • Looks like Tony Stark Visor in his Iron Man suit.

    • Matthias has one concern about css animations power draining.

  • Chris H will give a go at the BinderHub setup instructions w/ a more recent dev version to make sure they’re still correct.

  • Matthias will rebase the Federation PR. Thoughs on it ?

    • lots of details to work out, but let’s label it as a prototype

    • how do we keep versions in sync, how to handle when they are out-of-sync, etc

    • do we create a separate prototype service from

    • look into what the grant covers related to federation

    • which privacy policies apply when on a federated deployment

    • vision for federation blog post to see what others think?

      • make sure users see who is providing the CPU to them

    • step 1 before pushing the federation idea is to start having good releases that users can rely on

  • More eyes on this deployment process proposal jupyterhub/

JupyterHub projects#

JupyterHub, authenticators, spawners, configurable-http-proxy, zero to jupyterhub

III. Discussion items and Questions#

Items that you wish to raise for team input. Include Project Name.

  • Binder vs binderhub issues? How do we distinguish where an issue goes?

    • check out and improve the jupyterhub/binder

    • proposal:

      • binder is for users

      • binderhub is about the software

Open PRs#

Open issues#

  • Highlighting binders of note?

    • Chris gives Jessica access to GA

    • starting point for this is popular repos from GA

  • Review and improve step by step deployment checklist for mybinder-deploy

    • review which steps can be automated

    • Carol will create an incident report from my experience this morning. The goal is to increase confidence in deploy process for those that are not deploying on a regular basis.

    • when to deploy to mybinder after merging into binderhub (releases of binderhub would mitigate this)

    • review jupyterhub/

    • can we create more visibility into what is working/not working when we made a deployment that isn’t working

IV. Decisions needed#

Items that require a team decision to move forward

V. Next actions (team)#

  • Please add yourself to the Team Organization list

  • Come up with rough guidelines for blog post / communications (e.g. don’t post too close to one another)

  • Figure out how to remove tracking all subdomains of on GA

  • List all potential blogpost that should be publish and create drafts for them with date ranges.

    • Binder browser extension (Matthias)

    • JuyterDays France (Sylvain, Loic?)

    • JupyterLab release (Brian)

    • What’s new in Binder / Happy New Year (Chris H)

    • JupyterDays CFP (Brian/Fernando)

  • Follow up on Matthias’ suggestion to come up with a list of access/keys/etc. by repo/service/etc. so that where information is stored and who has access

    • Read the docs

    • PyPI

    • Analytics

VI. Thanks, Things to Celebrate, and anything else#

  • Thanks Tim for submitting a Moz Science mini grant proposal.

  • Welcome Gladys Nalvarte to the team! Great to see you on board as an intern at Simula. Congrats on the PRs. Please let us know if you have questions :D

  • Fingers crossed on Jessica’s submission to FAT* Conference

  • Congrats to Aaron Culich on his sumbission to PEARC

  • Congrats to Yuvi Panda on his KubeCon talk!

  • !!!

  • Congrats to the entire team for the very successful launch of and write up in Jupyter Blog and eLife.

  • Thanks to the entire team for helping review/respond/discuss on issues/PRs that non-team members have raised…I think we’ve done a great job of welcoming input from the community.