Community Strategy#

This page contains information regarding activities undertaken and community strategies developed by the Community Strategic Lead. Sarah Gibson is currently serving in this role as of August 2022, for a period of two years.

This role and related activities are funded by a CZI EOSS DEI grant, administered by NumFOCUS.

Work in Progress

The work represented on this page is under active development and we will update information as soon as we are able to as we iterate.

Some information is being shared in jupyterhub/team-compass#536, which will be migrated here over time. Additionally, you can find information on other related activities via the community-strategic-lead label or on the related project board.

Community Strategy Updates#

2022-09-07: 2 month strategy so far#

One strategy is to develop onboarding pathways through Outreachy, then into Contributor in Residence, and finally as a fully-fledged community member. We have funding to support four Outreachy interns per year (two per cohort, and cohorts happen twice per year) and “promote” one of the four from Y1 into CIR for Y2.

The next round of Outreachy interns will be placed between December, 2022 and March, 2023 and I have been organising mentors and projects to be involved with this round. I am participating as a mentor in this round to learn about requirements and barriers for JupyterHub members to participate in organising such mentorship-based approaches into the community. I will then generate some documentation based on my learnings, as well as pulling from the groundbreaking work of the Open Life Science team, and move to an “overseer” role for future cohorts.