The service has some dedicated infrastructure that is unique to this service. We describe the major pieces below:

The Binder SRE guide#

The mybinder SRE guide is a set of resources for running It contains tips, snippets, lessons-learned etc for running a large, public kubernetes cluster.

The binder-examples/ GitHub organization#

We have a dedicated GitHub organization for hosting example repositories that demonstrate the Binder repository specification.

Many of these repositories are re-used elsewhere in repo2docker documentation and Binder user documentation.

An @Admins team administers this organization. Any JupyterHub Team Member may ask to be added to this team for read/write permissions.

The domain#

The domain is owned by Chris Holdgraf (@choldgraf). The registrar for this domain is BlueHost. The email address with contact information for the domain is


In the future we wish to transfer ownership of this domain away from Chris’s personal account. However, it is unclear what is the best way to do this right now, and so we are waiting for clarification from the Jupyter project at-large about how the project itself can own instead of Chris. We also plan to use a contact email for this domain that has fewer people on it than the entire team, but are using as a stop-gap measure for now to increase our bus factor.

DNS entries for

The DNS for is handled by CloudFlare, by a central Jupyter account.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Project#

The Binder Team uses a GCP project with id binderhub-288415 to host and top level federation services at The binderhub-288415 GCP project resides in the GCP organization

The binderhub-288415 GCP project is currently funded by a grant from Google, as represented as GCP credits. The credits belong to billing account belonging to the GCP organization, as can be seen under its billing section.

Other cloud deployments in the federation#

There are a number of other cloud deployments in the BinderHub federation, but these are not centrally managed by the Binder Team. Instead, they are managed by the individuals and organizations that represent each of the BinderHubs in the federation.