Subdomains on

The following section describes how the project allocates sub-domains of to other BinderHubs.

There are other subdomains of which are used by the project itself which this document says nothing about how or why those are allocated.

Allocating a subdomain of serves the purpose of:

  • making the BinderHub it points to easier to discover;

  • letting the user know which BinderHub they are being served by; and

  • recognising the BinderHub and its operators as a supporter of the project.

Names should be short and memorable. They should reflect the name of the entity operating the BinderHub. For example a hub operated by “Rubber Duck Inc” should use their preferred company name acronym or It should not be or something similarly unrelated.

The following paragraphs describe the spirit and “should do’s” under which Project Binder will consider allocating a sub-domain to a BinderHub.

Project Binder expects that organisations of the following kind will want to apply for a sub-domain and become partners of the Binder project:

  • cloud providers

  • universities

  • research labs

  • government agencies

The BinderHub should be open to the general public, not require any logins, not contain tracking beyond the level of the general site, and give no preference to certain repositories or workloads.

The BinderHub should closely track the versions of software deployed on the main cluster so that repositories that work on one BinderHub also work on others.

The BinderHub should maintain the look and feel of a stock BinderHub. A subtle mention of who is operating this hub and/or sponsoring the resources is welcome. The hub should not include adverts, cryptominers or other malware in pages it serves.

The operator has to be committed to and able to operate a public BinderHub for a significant amount of time (at least a few months).

The mission of the operator should be aligned with the mission of the Binder Project laid out in Binder Project mission. By allocating a sub-domain the project wants to recognise those who publicly support the project in order to advance our mission.

If the BinderHub stops being functional, or is deemed to not behave in an acceptable way, the subdomain may be reclaimed at any time, redirecting back to the root

If you would like to obtain a sub-domain that points at your public BinderHub please open a new issue on our repository mentioning who you are, what you do and where we can find your BinderHub.

We look forward to new partnerships and your interest in helping advance the mission of Project Binder.