Team check-ins#

We want team membership to be an opportunity to grow and have an impact, not a burden or a time sink. While we ask for a minimum 6 month commitment when you join a JupyterHub or Binder team, we don’t expect this commitment to last forever.

We try to conduct regular “check-ins” for team members approximately once every 6 months. The goal is to make sure that you’re happy in your current position with the JupyterHub project, and discuss whether you’d like to continue in your current role, transition to a different role, or transition to the green team.

These check-ins happen via GitHub issues on the team compass repository, here’s the issue text to use:

Title: Team check-in for choldgraf

Hello <username>, this is a [team check-in](<link to this docs page>) for your JupyterHub team status.
Please respond below if you're interested in either:

* Continuing in your current role
* Moving to a new role
* Moving to the green team

There's no pressure one way or another, this is just to check that you're still
comfortable with the role and responsibilities for your current position.

There’s no pressure or expectation associated with these check-ins, their goal is to make sure that team members have an opportunity to voice their perspective and choose their next steps within the community.

If you decide to change team status, we’ll make a PR either to the BinderHub team data page or the JupyterHub team data page. Either way, we’ll update the latest time that you had a check-in.

If a team member doesn’t respond to a check-in#

Sometimes team members aren’t able to respond to check-ins. This is no problem - other duties, life, vacation, etc often get in the way. In this case, we’ll try to reach out with the following steps.

  • First, we’ll ping team members in their check-in issue to maximize likelihood of notifications

  • After 7 days, we’ll ping the issue again with a “maybe you missed this” comment

  • After 14 days, we’ll send an email

  • After 21 days, we’ll send a follow-up email to double-check your availability.

  • After 30 days if you haven’t responded, we’ll move you to the green team

  • You can move back into another team whenever you like - just reach out and we’ll revert the change.