Funding and reimbursements#

Who can spend funds#

Currently we do not have formal processes for approving funding, and we make decisions about where to spend funds similarly to our other decision making processes.

Funds available to this project#

CZI Community Strategic Lead grant#

We have a grant from CZI to fund a Community Strategic Lead position. Find all of the grant materials, budget, etc at this Google Drive folder. donations#

The service has a button to send donations directly to NumFocus to support the project. These funds are controlled directly by NumFocus and we must submit reimbursements to them in order to spend them.

To learn how much funds we have, send an e-mail to to ask.

To spend these funds, see How to get reimbursed from NumFocus.

How to get reimbursed from NumFocus#

If you spend money that should be reimbursed from a NumFocus grant or account, fill out the typeform below to submit the reimbursement.

File a reimbursement