JupyterHub and BinderHub Weekly Report#

Goal: Continuous improvement

Opening Date: 29 Jan 2018#

Closing Date: 05 Feb 2018#

Next meeting date: Feb 8th, 6pm Zurich time#


  1. Help or discussion needed; Agenda Items for Monthly Meeting

  • 1.1 Open PRs

    • [CH] We should discuss Matthias’ PR about Federation, with the goal of having a clear path forward to merging! (PR)

  • 1.2 Open issues

    • [CH] If anybody would like access to any of the accounts they don’t have access to, please say so and we’ll get you connected! (e.g. twitter, google analytics, pip rights, etc) issue

    • [CH] From last meeting: come up with rough guidelines for blog post / communications (e.g. don’t post too close to one another) (issue)

    • [CH] Discuss merging the BinderHub helm chart into JupyterHub + maybe some docs. (issue)

  1. Decisions needed

  2. Next actions (team)

News, Information, and Thanks#

  1. Team Metrics

  2. Team News and Informational items

  • 5.1 Organization highlights

    • Min + Chris are going to France for a Jupyter Days event! There will be a talk of some kind

    • The organizers are interested in setting up a JupyterHub for a cluster of French universities, we’ll hopefully work with them while we’re there.

  • 5.2 BinderHub projects

  • 5.3 JupyterHub projects

  • 5.4 Related projects (repo2docker, nbgrader, others)

  1. Thanks, Things to Celebrate, and anything else

  • Binder made it into Nature! Thanks to Carol + Tim for being awesome and representing the project :-) (link)

  • The Berkeley Data 8 class connected their online textbook with Binder, and twitter was really excited about it