JupyterHub and BinderHub Team Meeting#

Goal: Continuous improvement.

The detailed sections are for organization of team information, communication consistency, and are designed to motivate the team’s next actions.

Opening Date: 01 Jan 2018#

Closing Date: 29 Jan 2018#

Next monthly meeting: February 8, 2018 6pm Zurich time#

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1. Help or discussion needed; Agenda Items for Monthly Meeting#

Items that you wish to raise for team input. Include Project Name.#

1.1 Open PRs#

1.2 Open issues#

2. Decisions needed#

3. Next actions (team)#

  • Please add yourself to the Team Organization list

  • Come up with rough guidelines for blog post / communications (e.g. don’t post too close to one another)

  • Figure out how to remove tracking all subdomains of mybinder.org on GA

  • List all potential blogpost that should be publish and blog.jupyter.org create drafts for them with date ranges.

    • Binder browser extension (Matthias)

    • JuyterDays France (Sylvain, Loic?)

    • JupyterLab release (Brian)

    • What’s new in Binder / Happy New Year (Chris H)

    • JupyterDays CFP (Brian/Fernando)

  • Follow up on Matthias’ suggestion to come up with a list of access/keys/etc. by repo/service/etc. so that where information is stored and who has access

    • Read the docs

    • PyPI

    • Analytics

  • check out and improve the ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md for Binder vs binderhub issues. Proposed additions:

    • binder is for users

    • binderhub is about the software

  • Review and improve step by step deployment checklist for mybinder-deploy

    • review which steps can be automated

    • Carol will create an incident report from my experience this morning. The goal is to increase confidence in deploy process for those that are not deploying on a regular basis. [COMPLETED]

    • when to deploy to mybinder after merging into binderhub (releases of binderhub would mitigate this)

    • review https://github.com/jupyterhub/mybinder.org-deploy/issues/225

    • can we create more visibility into what is working/not working when we made a deployment that isn’t working

News, Information, and Thanks#

4. Team Metrics#

Generated GitHub reports summary

Link to JupyterHub/Binder PR metrics

5. Team News and Informational items#

Share items (partnerships, important conversations, design considerations, something fun, something that annoyed you). If you have it, please link to a GitHub issue)

  • February 2018 Video Call scheduled for February 8, 2018 6pm Zurich time. Details

  • Chatted with Sylvain + Loic in France, they’re interested in a JupyterHub for French unis.

    • French HPC/Loic have spent some effort in setting up something that looks very much like binder, interested in maybe using binder/jupyterhub

    • Hosting on OVH (something like google cloud/AWS but more Euro).

    • Some ‘JupyterHub federation’ similar to berkeley MOOC work

  • Prepared a draft blog post (blog.jupyter.org) for the MyBinder browser extension.

    • try to avoid conflicts with other posts

    • to get a list of other posts ask steering council/mailing list to find out what other sub-projects are doing

    • raise as an issue on the weekly Jupyter meeting under communications (Carol) COMPLETED

5.1 Organization highlights#

Communications, Social Media, Conferences, Outreach

  • Reaching out to JOSS COMPLETED

    • Tim is reviewing a paper and will mention that it would have been nice to have a binder link

  • Ask eLife if they want to fund a project to integrate with binder for their “archive to GitHub” idea?

    • https://github.com/elifesciences-publications

    • https://elifesciences.org/inside-elife/dbcb6949/forking-software-used-in-elife-papers-to-github

    • Tim will send a short email to Naomi to see what they think

  • Jupyter Days event coming up in March in France.

    • Conversation with Sylvain and Loic

    • Date early March (5th??)

    • 300 to 500 attendees

    • Prepare a blog post annouce (ask Sylvain)

    • Chris might be in the area, Min will probably go, who else is interested?

  • JupyterCon CFP website online (restricted access) let’s not try to cram blog post too close to the CFP annouce.

  • Hackathon with Data Carpentry at BIDS next week (Jan 9th and 10th), Chris H will work on Binder teaching material.

5.2 BinderHub projects#

BinderHub, mybinder-deploy, helm charts, binder-examples

  • Security update for meltdownattack.com performed (Thanks Yuvi)

  • Prod cluster scaled down to 3 nodes and switched from n1-standard class nodes (equal CPU + memory ratio) to n1-highmem (more memory than CPU) based on our usage metrics (as part of meltdownattack.com fix)

  • npm refactor merged (yay @minrk! @rgbrk & other nteract folks)

  • playground.mybinder.org now redirects to play.nteract.io (yay cross-promotion) (this was down for Chris H today. Others? (is down for me too, should check with nteract folks)) I just checked again and it’s back up - CH

    • Works for Matthias, Tim, Chris. Is that exectuing on same machines as MyBinder.org ? (nope it’s not)

  • Working on fixing binder badge being blocked by privacy badger (https://github.com/jupyterhub/binderhub/issues/379)

    • our badge.svg is served from same host as some cookies we set which triggers a tracking warning

    • now served from static.mybinder.org/badge.svg but apparently still triggers warning

    • how to respect DNT headers?

    • fix that the GA cookies is set on *.mybinder.org not just the top domain

  • Loading page PR is almost ready (https://github.com/jupyterhub/binderhub/pull/384)

    • this is better than watching a washing machine

    • Looks like Tony Stark Visor in his Iron Man suit.

    • Matthias has one concern about css animations power draining.

  • Chris H will give a go at the BinderHub setup instructions w/ a more recent dev version to make sure they’re still correct.

  • Matthias will rebase the Federation PR. Thoughts on it ?

    • lots of details to work out, but let’s label it as a prototype

    • how do we keep versions in sync, how to handle when they are out-of-sync, etc

    • do we create a separate prototype service from mybinder.org

    • look into what the grant covers related to federation

    • which privacy policies apply when on a federated deployment

    • vision for federation blog post to see what others think?

      • make sure users see who is providing the CPU to them

    • step 1 before pushing the federation idea is to start having good releases that users can rely on

  • More eyes on this deployment process proposal https://github.com/jupyterhub/mybinder.org-deploy/issues/225

5.3 JupyterHub projects#

JupyterHub, authenticators, spawners, configurable-http-proxy, zero to jupyterhub

  • Working with Matthew Rocklin on daskernetes that helps integrate kubernetes + dask for use on z2jh. They have a demo on 6th.

  • Team-Compass added to track our virtual meetings and team metrics

  • Work this weekend and next week on updating Ansible deployment with nbgrader and AWS for Cal Poly Data Science course

  • JupyterHub session cookie implemented (https://github.com/jupyterhub/jupyterhub/pull/1577)

  • external OAuth (and token auditing) almost ready: https://github.com/jupyterhub/jupyterhub/pull/1590

  • http://github.com/yuvipanda/jupyterhub-ltiauthenticator exists, can integrate with Blackboard / Canvas / EdX / etc

6. Thanks, Things to Celebrate, and anything else#

Notes about this document#

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    1. Help or discussion needed; Agenda Items for Monthly Meeting

      • 1.1 Open PRs

      • 1.2 Open issues

    1. Decisions needed

    1. Next actions (team)

News, Information, and Thanks#

    1. Team Metrics

    1. Team News and Informational items

      • 5.1 Organization highlights

      • 5.2 BinderHub projects

      • 5.3 JupyterHub projects

      • 5.4 Related projects (repo2docker, nbgrader, others)

    1. Thanks, Things to Celebrate, and anything else