Resources for giving presentations and talks about the Projects#

The JupyterHub and Binder projects are both community-driven. This means that we rely on members of the community for spreading the word about these projects as well as the teams and communities around them.

If you have the opportunity to talk about the Binder or JupyterHub projects, please do so! This might mean giving a presentation for your team, at a conference, in a tutorial session, or just talking to others on the internet. Our communities grow as we share our knowledge and experience with others.

The rest of the resources on this page provide resources for folks who would like to talk about the JupyterHub and Binder projects.

What to consider when speaking publicly about this community?#

Here are a few simple rules to follow when speaking publicly about the Binder and JupyterHub projects.

  1. Tell us if you’re going to give a talk! We’d love to hear when you are speaking about the Binder or JupyterHub projects. If you’d like to give a talk about these projects feel free to open an issue to say hi. We’ll be excited to help you out and follow your talk.

  2. Follow the Jupyter community conduct guidelines. When you speak about the Jupyter community, you represent that community. This means you should adhere to the standards that the community defines in the jupyter community code of conduct.

  3. Try to stick to the past and present. We highly encourage folks to talk about what the JupyterHub and Binder projects have been up to and where we are now. Talking about the future is a bit trickier. A good rule of thumb is to avoid making specific statements about what we’re going to do next, unless we’ve explicitly said them already.

  4. Give the community credit. It’s good practice to thank the Jupyter and Binder communities liberally when giving talks about these projects. Everything that we do is only possible by the amazing community of people that support the project - this community should always be a part of your talk.

For more general information about the Jupyter community and how to interface with it, check out the Jupyter community documentation.

Resources for giving talks#

We’d like for people to leverage and re-use the materials that others in the community have put together.

Check out this ongoing community forum thread. for lots of helpful links to resources, slides, images, etc. You can use these as inspiration for your own talks, copy slides or sections, and improve upon them.

If you’d like to add something to this list, please reply to that thread or edit the first comment with an updated link!

Common questions and suggested answers#

From time to time many of us get the same questions about how the JupyterHub and Binder projects work.

Check out this community forum thread for an ongoing list of common questions and good answers. If you have questions that aren’t listed there, please add them.