Team meetings and meetings reports

The JupyterHub team has a video meeting on the third Thursday of every month. Below are links to the notes from each of these meetings over the last several months.

Here is a calendar of upcoming meetings

If you’d like to join in on these meetings, please do! see the team-compass readme for information on how to join.

The JupyterHub team also used to keep weekly reports for what they had been up to. We recently switched to Monthly sync-ups instead of weekly reports, but below is a list of the weekly reports that we have put together.

There is also a working group that meets monthly (see calendar) to discuss JupyterHub deployment on HPC systems and the various software projects supporting those efforts. Everyone interested in those topics are welcome to attend!

Updating the team meeting agenda

The JupyterHub team uses HackMD to keep track of its meeting agenda before and during each monthly meeting. Here’s the process we follow around the JupyterHub team meeting:

  1. The meeting agenda always lives at this HackMD.

  2. At the beginning of a monthly cycle, copy/paste this agenda template into it

  3. Before the meeting, the community fills in agenda items they’d like to cover, as well as shoutouts for activity in the community.

  4. Throughout the meeting, the agenda is filled out with new items, notes, discussion points, and action items.

  5. After the meeting, the agenda contents are copy/pasted into a new markdown file in the monthly meeting folder and added to the team-compass repository in a PR

  6. The meeting agenda HackMD should then be erased and replaced with a fresh team meeting template.