Team Compass for JupyterHub and Binder#

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Our Team Compass contains team practices, policies, and resources to help one another align and contribute. It also has helpful information for team members, like shared infrastructure and accounts, resources to learn how to contribute, etc.

We use GitHub issues in jupyterhub/team-compass to discuss specific, actionable things related to the team (e.g., discussing whether to change something in the team-compass repo).

The following pages contain information about the JupyterHub/Binder teams, resources for community members, and team practices for governance and planning.

Why have a Team Compass?#

This repository helps the JupyterHub team and Binder team align on our structure, policy, and goals. Our primary goal is continuous team and project improvement.

As projects and their growth evolve rapidly, the contents of this repo should aid us in setting project direction and adjusting the course as needed. The repo contains:

  • team meeting agendas and archives

  • direction and action plans

  • communication and culture of respectful teamwork

  • recognitions and team celebrations

We sail together#

While we value each others individual strengths and contributions, we succeed or fail as a team. Whether taking corrective actions for a bug or being recognized for good work, the team, instead of an individual, shoulders the burden and success.

Code of Conduct#

The JupyterHub community follows the broader Jupyter Community’s Code of Conduct.